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Woooohooo!!! The process is running again.

It´s so wonderful and exciting. We are just about to start another project recording a brand new album, hopefully to be ready next spring / summer. This Monday we are going to the world's best Amir Aly at Yla Studios Malmö, to record a couple of songs for our second English album: "The Sky Is The Limit". It will remind a lot like the previous album "Synergy" but at the same time we think it will be a bit tougher, a bit more rock. The songs is mostly about self-perceived things in our life, but of course also a lot of statements. The first song we will record is "Just An Ordinary Day" which is a kind of a follow-up to Safe Ground. It reflects of the cold climate we experience today between one and other, but also with segregation between different groups in society and harder border controls between countries. The feelings you experience when you go into the studio and hear your songs come alive is hard to describe. It´s a bit like falling in love; so joyful, feeling so happy. And it´s also incredibly creative and fun. We hope that when you listen to it, you will be able to feel some of the joy we felt when we record it <3

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