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On The Air

As you know, we have invested a lot in Germany. Mostly because we really like to work there, but we have also noticed that the germans really like our music.

The other day we received an email from our A & R. This mail told us that once again a radio channel had picked one of our songs to their playlist. The difference this time was that we now found out in advance what program and what time it would be broadcast. The from Berlin, Germany, chose "Appetite" from our latest album "Synergy the album"

Of course, I would not miss this.

So the excitement was high when I let the German radio channel sound at high volume in my kitchen, while cooking dinner for my family.

And suddenly there it was. First a lovely presentation of us "Bara Jonson And Free" and then the song................ Appetite.

Oh what a feeling!!

I heard my own voice singing those well-known tones, knowing that now, right now the song is playing in Germany.

I was so lucky. All those years of work, all investments, all patience suddenly didn´t matter. In that moment everything was worth it. I was nearly crying and laughing at the same time when my son came and hugged me.

It´s not more difficult than that to please a musician 😉

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