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When everything goes wrong!

Last Saturday we had a gig at one of our favorite places.

We had finished soundcheck and everything was good.

We left to eat, rest for a while and get into our stage outfits. Back on stage at 11pm and we started our intro,

an intro that could raise the dead.

On our cue we began to play and it sounded............ terrible !! The mandolin was awefully high and one of our lead voices too. The bass was so loud that it thundered in the speakers, but no other instruments was heard at all. The sound technician had left and nobody understood what had happened. It was simply impossible for us to continue. A sad and a bit angry audience started to wonder what was going on.

Then one person came up to me and said, "I was here last time you played. Your music is the best thing that has happened to me, and I brought all my friends with me" *sad face* At that point we made a decision; we walked out into the crowd and gathered everybody around us and began to play, unplugged.

Oh, what a succes. We sat there and played for an hour and a half, until the sound technician returned and fixed the sound.

That evening was so full of love. People we've never met before sang together with us. Even the security team were happy and thanked us when we left the stage at 3pm.

Sometimes it´s good when everything failes and you´re forced to go back to your roots <3

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