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Eurovision time for the entire Swedish people!

Still noticeable how much Eurovision song competition means to all of us. Last week we saw one Eurovision experience after another.

We started ourselves, when celebrateing Eurovision song contest, with a whole night at 1 KöK in Rinkaby. We played and competed with our audience, and had a great time. Then we ended the evening playing songs from our latest album, and also some new songs from our coming one.

On Friday we went to the C4 School's Eurovision show. This was an fantastic experience where the students from media, theater and music classes made a tribute to the Eurovision, during the 50 years it has been around.

There I had the fortune to met the one and only Louis Herrey, the Swedish winner of ESC 1984 Diggilo Diggilej.

The highlight was of course the Eurovision competition we had last Saturday in Kristianstad. I had the privilege to be invited and sat on the first row , and enjoyed every second of it. All contestants were really talented. Sound and light were pure magic.

Between the act there was a preforming from Maxida Märak. She was stunning and had a fantastic number.

The final is on Saturday, March 10, but we will unfortunately miss it because we are going to play at Charles Dickens in Helsingborg that evening.

But one can not be on two places at the same time and we really love to play there. If you have the opportunity, then come. We will play our own Eurovision songs, that have not yet made it to the final. But we do not give up. Maybe next year 😊

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