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Hard work and amazing new partners begin to bear fruit.

As you know, we have started investing in the German market. We will now take the opportunity to welcome our new partners Jackie M Coopmann, Koma-Booking and Keule Carsten Collenbusch, Finest-Noise to BJF- Production. We are looking forward to what our cooperation will lead to.

So far, Radio Blau, Leipzig and Radio St Hörfunk, Schwabish-Hall, have handpicked our songs into their playlists.

The newspapers Cityguide Rhein-Neckar and Haiangriff Magazine have both written articles about us.

It feels already like we have our "second home" in Berlin, a city we really love. We have met and become friends with a lot of musicians, which may give more cooperation in the future, who knows.

Last we traveled to Berlin and Lubeck was Jan 25/1 - 30/1. We passed the Ludwig magazine shop on Alexanderplatz. Thats when we saw it; "The Atlantic Magazine", and the repotage about us! So proud!

Another favorite city we love to work in is Helsingborg, Sweden. And the favorite place is of course Charles Dickens. We will play there again on the 10th of March.

Copenhagen and Denmark have also a special place in our hearts.

We were able to play at the last show of Ä, Ö & Å on Queen's Street, before closing down the place after 15 years of shows every weekend. So sad.

But we will be back in Copenhagen already March 17th at

Tjili Pop.

And heres more joyful news. We have reached more than 200,000 plays on Songtradr. We are so incredibly grateful that our record “Synergy, the album”, slowly starts winning ground.

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