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30.000 just a number?

On November 20 it´s been two years since we had the release of our song Safe Ground. It was in conjunction with a benefit show in favor for fleeing refugees in association with the Red Cross, Studiefrämjandet and Hesslebaren in Kristianstad Sweden.

Our music video of Safe Ground has been watched 26.942 times on YouTube. Perhaps we can reach 30.000 views just for our two-year anniversary. That would be nice :)

The problems unfortunately remains the same, and sadly media dosen´t talk as much about it any more.

But me and Jonson are convinced that there is no parent who will put their child in a winding boat on the open sea, if land is a safer place.

30.000 made me also terrified when I saw the list published in a German newspaper the other day. A list of dead refugees trying to escape to Europe. Exactly 33.293 people. A lot of them children.

What´s most important is that we must not forget about these people. We must help people in need. Why?

Because were human. Because the only way to peace is Love!

Please look at our video and share. An important song and video about real people who desperately seeks and deserve safe ground.

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