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Dan Hylander-Bara Jonson and Free

Shadows at twilight (Skuggor i skymningen).... do do la la....

Yes a lot of singing today :) Happy happy singing <3

It's not much that could make us shorten our showcase trip to Berlin. But when you get the chance to play after your idol Dan Hylander, you just drop everything.

So to all of you who are near Helsingborg on December 2, come and listen to this amazing man, and enjoy good food and friendly staff at Charles Dicken's.

After Dan Hylander, we will do our very best to entertain you with our music. We promise to play the best from our old Swedish record "Med en dåres envishet" but mostly from our latest record "Synergy the Album" and some new songs from our coming LP.

But today I can´t stop singing on Dan Hylanders "Svart kaffe" och "Skuggor i skymningen" See you :)

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