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Don´t mess with a musician!

It is three o'clock in the morning when I give up and goes to my computer. I start writing down a text that stubbornly lingers in my head. The text gets better and better, longer and longer. I start to giggle when I hum a melody that suits my words so well. I realize that this is going to be good.

The following day, both me and Jonson are in our studio and starts playing the song. Suddenly we look at each other. There we are with an amazing chorus of the song “Devils Die Too”.

The disappointment of people's coldness and exploitation of other people earlier this week suddenly turns out to be a really good song!

So… beware you small-minded, narcissistic, cold hearted human before you mess with a musician. You may contribute to the best song ever. And we promise, you will not receive any STIM money.


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