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Supporting Doug Seegers

What exciting journey we've done in the past few weeks.

We have met amazing people when we played in "Rockbaren i Karlskoga" and at "Sweet Heart Green Café" in Arboga. But to support Doug Seegers with the whole band at the festival in "Tjo i Tjögsta" was probably the highlight. What a great and nice guy he is :)

Then we played close to home at "Strand café in Sandviken". It has become a summer tradition for us to play at this wonderful place.

Now we are struggling with the final details of our release on Saturday 26/8 at the "Biljard Company" in Kristianstad. Just a few days left, and much left to do. But we know that in the end there will be a fantastic party :) Hope to see you there!!/

Hugs Free

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