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Let us present the band!

We have worked hard in recent years with the help of stubbornness, mandolin, guitar, keyboard, tambourines, a stomp box and of course our two voices.

There have been too few opportunities to get on stage with the whole band.

But next week we will take another step in our career with “Bara Jonson and Free”.

We are so proud to present our band for you. Andree Rensfeldt – guitar Martin Davidsson – bass Sia Gauffin – keyboard Jörgen Reiman Ehle – drums These guys are amazing.

June 29 starts our summer tour in Kristianstad, Tivoliparken “Strandhugg”.

So if you have the opportunity, we hope you come to Tivolistage in Kristianstad 19,00. First we will give you our interpretations of Monica Zetterlund and Jonny Cash. These two artists have meant a lot to me and Jonson so we're glad

to interpret them for you.

Of course we will finish the concert with some own songs. We are going to have a release of our full-length album (Aug.26 more info will come) so a few songs are from that album.

But we will also give you a song from our old album where we celebrate our hometown.

See you Hugs/ Free

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