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Cirque Arté Diem
Bara Jonson and Free

Moving BodyArt and CrockPop creates total magic! 

Two international acts have joined forces to offer you the show "Sky Is The Limit".

The acts met at Kristianstad Culture Awards 2019 and immediately realized the value of collaborating in a cross culture project.

Cirque Arte Diem (CAD) known from the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’, ‘Rhapsody in Rock’, ‘Björn Skifs - The Show’ and the musicals ‘Cats’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’, among others. 

Bara  Jonson and Free (BjF) toured Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, UK, USA and Canada where they were also named Best Emerging Artist International, Indie Week in Toronto. 

With CAD's aerial acrobatics and BjF's music, a show is created beyond the ordinary.

BIO: Cirque Arté Diem

Cirque Arté Diem is based in Kristianstad municipality and consists of Timo Lattu (FIN) and Naja Calmann-Hinke (DK). The style is inspired by cirque which is often seen in Canada, France and the USA. For example, like Cirque du Soleil.  Their art has a Nordic touch - a fusion between dance, cirque / new circus and live music - They call it Moving BodyArt!  Their goal with art is to fill the audience with courage, joy and faith in life. For this, apart from performing “on the road”, they are transforming a barn at their farm into a year-round studio with all the modern facilities for children, youth and adults to participate in circus and movement classes, theatrical performances and music.  

Timo has been dancing since he was 12 years old. He is a 3-time Finnish champion in Streetdance and is trained in a variety of dance styles at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm.  In 2003, he began combining dance with aerial acrobatics.  He has participated in many major productions in Sweden both as an artist and as a choreographer.  References:  Aerial & Adagio Act In Björn Skifs - The Show 2010  Aerial & Adagio Act in the revue UgglaRheborgUlveson  Aerial Act in Rhapsody in Rock  Aerial & Adagio Act in the musical Cats  Adagio Act in the musical Saturday Night Fever Dancer at Bounce Streetdance Company’s production Freaky Flow

Naja has a unique ability to make a change very quickly and follow her truth when she has got a yes within herself.  This has, for example, meant that she has become a professional aerial acrobat in less than one year.  Now she performs with her husband Timo and has courses in how to liberate the relationship with the body. Here she uses her own journey through life where she has gone from being rigid in her whole body physically and emotionally to being able to express herself on stage. And through a natural process, she has healed from physical injury and opened up previous experiences that were inherited in the family.

References:  * Malmö Opera's New Year's Concert  * Inauguration of C4 Shopping center Kristianstad  * Aerial artist at the Eurovision Song Contest Finale with artist Loreen  * Artist and producer on Arté Diem's ​​Nordic tour 2015  * The TV program My Life's Adventures on Danish TV2 about Naja's journey into the artist's life

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BIO: Bara Jonson and Free (BjF) 

BjF from Sweden, became nominated ‘Best Emerging Artist – International’ at Indie Week Showcase Festival in Toronto, Canada (Nov. 15-17 2019) then they were selected and announced INES#Talent 2020, 2021  

They call their music CRockPop (Country/Rock/Pop)

Signed to a Canadian management company Entertainment Music Group (EMG) based on the attention garnered from their song ‘Hello Newfoundland’ which held a #1 position for 8 straight weeks on the international charts due to their extended Canadian fan base.  


The duo has become a frequent feature on the live stages around Sweden. Their tours have also reached into Denmark, Holland, Germany, UK and Canada. Bara Jonson and Free were excited to perform at the official MIDEM showcase at Morrison's on June 6th, 2019. They were scheduled back in 2020 but due to the Corona outbreak it was postponed.


They were also scheduled to return to perform in Canada at CMW, Indie Week and at Live at Heart Newfoundland in 2020. The pandemic has pushed these forwards in time.  

‘Sky Is The Limit’ will be the duos third album and is expected to be released during 2022 The album is finished and they are only waiting for the right release window to open.

Producer also this time is the acclaimed Amir Aly, Yla Studios, Sweden.

With a growing following and with cross culture co-ops like the professional dance group Cirque Arté Diem, the sky really is the limit.


“Bara Jonson and Free's music is affecting, moving, touching, stirring and powerful...” CASHBOX Magazine CANADA

​“Catchy folk music pop that belongs on an edition of the Country Music Association Awards any modern day of the week, is another way to describe the duo's music. The feeling for hooks, bridges and the melody is evident, the musicality is great.”  Kristianstadsbladet


​“And somehow between Country, Singer/Songwriter and Folk, the two prove on "Synergy" that you can breathe new life into these genres, if you focus on its roots, less musical bells and whistles by simply putting the song in the center of the effort.” Haiangriff

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