Bara Jonson and Free performs at
the Canadian Embassy in Stockholm

BjF was honored to be a part of an amazing lineup at the Canadian Embassy Wednesday March 6. Together with Canadian star Lisa Hartt and Swedish stars Janne Schaffer, Jonas Gideon, Nanne Grönvall, Marie Bergman and West of Mars (Polar Studios producer Lennart Östlund). BjF played two original songs; Sky Is The Limit and newly released Knock, Knock.

BjF wants to extend the gratitude and thank you to EMG Collectives and the Canadian Embassy for the invittation and the warm welcome.
This will be an event and an occasion forever remembered!

The new song “Knock Knock” is a follow-up song to earlier single “Hello Newfoundland” made during the pandemic and the longing for friends near and far but also to be back on the stage again!

Up til’ now it’s only been available on the cover of the album New Era through Aumented Reality and the app BjFGO! but is now out on your favourite music outlet. Enjoy!

Sat, Aug 24
Lilla By Festivalen
Rinkaby, Sweden

Making Music Since 2012

Nobody warns you about the dangers of a ukulele! This small “insignificant” musical instrument can lead you down strangest paths and up on the highest mountains.. or to Newfoundland! It has become music lessons for life!

Forming Bara Jonson and Free, writing new material was easy! Songs that almost wrote themselves. Inspiration collected from experience and from within. About important things and less so but always from the heart!
Sky Is The Limit! And they keep coming!

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New Era / Sky Is The Limit